Support Support Support!!!!

Well my first 24hours as a “blogger” have been unbelievable so far! The support i have received has truly overwhelmed me :’) From well established bloggers to close friends and also others who either don’t know me personally or who don’t know me well! I truly am shocked but very pleased and very pleased that in my first 24hrs i have received so far 149 views, and i dont know if as a blogger that is good but for me i find it amazing :’)

I think in life we all need support at some time or another, some are happy to ask some refuse to ask! I personally as a child had no support whatsoever, i was sexually abused, neglected by my mother and bullied on and off throughout school i really did feel so lonely 😦 My abuser once left me naked in a bed with no sheets, duvets etc in a freezing cold room, i was left to sleep like that all night! As a young child it was the most frightening, lonely experience of my life 😦 I really did have No one to help me or to turn to!

Now as an adult i have my amazing husband and In-laws for support and i couldn’t ask for anything else! I feel so lucky to have them as for so long i had no one! I feel now when im down or get flashbacks i can trust in them to support me and there is no better feeling in the world!

I think where im going with this post is 1st to say thank you to everyone who has supported me on my journey and to anyone out there if you need support please please ask! If you have no one at home to ask please join a blog and there will be plenty of people in your situation who will wholeheartedly support you as best they can and that includes me! The relief you feel when you offload your stress,tension and emotions (which for some is built over years) can feel amazing :’) I know people say it all the time but keeping things in really does make things worse and talking is a great therapy πŸ™‚

Thanks for reading.. E xx

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