The Abused Becomes The Abuser?! :/

Haven’t been on in a few days due to illness, But wanted some perspective on this as ive never been able to understand it!

My abuser was abused himself as a child by his own dad and always claimed that as his EXCUSE for abusing me?! Maybe im delusional but from my point of view, No.1 there is NO excuse for abusing an innocent child and No.2 as someone who has suffered horrific sexual abuse at the hands of a monster how on earth do you make another child suffer what you have suffered? In my eyes i want to protect every child possible, hence why i got him sent to jail, never mind the thought of another innocent child going through the same! I really dont understand it and it makes me sick that someone who has apparently been through it can then do it to another child and make excuses for it :o!!

I also want to highlight the injustice in Northern Ireland, My abuser was sentenced to a total of 27 years in jail for various counts of rape on a child, yet he was let out a free man after serving 3 and a half years !! I find that disgusting and also a complete let down for myself after going through the process of having him jailed and thinking justice would be served! I also think it sends a bad message to those yet to come forward- whats the point if they serve so little time? And it sends a bad message to pedophiles as they think they are clearly going to get away with it and if caught sure what is a little time in jail?!

I would really appreciate peoples views on this to clarify if im going insane :/ or if im correct in thinking all this is wrong!!! Thank you for reading

E xx

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5 Responses to The Abused Becomes The Abuser?! :/

  1. I totally indentify with how the legal system has let you down. I too went through a court hearing and the prison term was pathetic. It wasn’t justice at all. And justice is important to abuse/complex trauma survivors. I am learning to accept justice does not occur. It is wrong. But the legal systems is most countries are set up to favour the convicted, rather than the victim.
    You are not going insane at all! I totally understand all you have written and how you feel.

    • EmmaSurviver says:

      Im not sure what your court hearing was like but my god… mine was brutal you would think i was the pedophile 😦 His barrister ripped me to shreds and i was only 15 at the time 😦 i nearly gave up to be honest !! I cant believe the same happened to you 😦 i agree the justice part is very important, in my eyes you are doing society a favour by getting these monsters of the streets yet we end up being the ones let down 😦 Thank you for your support it is very much appreciated and as i said not nice that these things have happened but nice to have someone who can properly relate to me for once.
      Emma xoxox

  2. justsmile2o13 says:

    You’re not going insane! Our legal system is a complete and utter joke! I know what I would do if I was in any way able to change the system! xxxxxxxxx

  3. My court hearing was a trauma of itself, as I’m sure your was. I will put a blog today about my experience of the legal system. I’ve written it before, but I’ll add it here. Most legal systems are a joke. But, we are strong! xoxox

  4. Megan says:

    Your def not going insane! Not AT ALL he should be doing life! If not worse.. It makes me so angry! 😡

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