I hate People :/

I have had a crappy childhood and i am trying to enjoy my adulthood but some people just cant let that  happen!! I am always told i take things to heart which may be true but to me its not a bad thing to be honest! I have had a really hard few months mentally to which i was on the verge of a full break down, The past week i have felt a lot better in myself and with great support from my husband! Then you get some assholes with no sensitivity who just do/say what they like regardless of others feelings and my husband says i shouldn’t let others annoy me but unfortunately i cant help it 😦 At the minute im extremely touchy and as i say i shouldn’t let others insensitivity get to me but i do and it just makes me angry!!

I hate negativity and at the minute i feel like that is all there is in this world- Negativity :/ I just want to relax for a change and enjoy life and after what i have been through i do not think that’s much to ask for?! People need to realize there is so much more to life than drama and lies, Bitchiness and negativity!! When i walk down the street i always smile at everyone i see, for me you do not know what is going on with that person and receiving a smile from you might just make their day or make them see the world isn’t so bad!! One thing that really gets me is when my kids are out with me and say hiya to someone and they totally ignore them :/ this happens all the time and i think it is so rude and disrespectful!! How can you ignore an innocent child who is trying to be friendly??!!!

In my 22 years of  life unfortunately ive come to meet more assholes than good people but its those good people who keep me going and realize the world isn’t so bad :/ People really need to show more respect to others whether they know them or not and i also think that much is said about young people disrespecting their elders and im sure loads do but my god thee amount of elderly people who i have went out of my way to help/be kind to have been so disrespectful to me (which i didn’t retaliate) I think elderly need to take some of their own advice and also show respect!!!

I am trying my hardest to relax, i now have no phone or facebook and i believe that will help a great deal 🙂 Facebook is great but also a sick, negative place full or creeps and bullies, silly people and liers and right now my head can not be dealing with all that 🙂 Onwards and upwards 😀 ……..Hopefully 😉 Exx

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