If something annoys you…..GET RID!!! Simple ;-)

I have been having a rough few months but i have learnt that if something is bugging you, getting you down no matter what it is just get rid of it!! If your overweight and have kept your skinny clothes- get rid! There is no point sitting depressing yourself over something that can easily be solved by making a decision, either lose the weight to fit the clothes or stop kidding yourself and get rid of the clothes and be happy in yourself 🙂

My situation didn’t involve weight, it involved people. And when i say get rid i don’t mean turn murderer or hire a hitman lol i mean remove those people from your life! My mum caused me unbelievable stress day in day out and one day i just said to myself “why do i keep whinging about it why don’t i do something?” So i made the VERY hard decision to cut her out of my life! It was honestly the hardest thing i have ever done as i also had to think about my kids but i knew deep down  we were all better without her and i was right 🙂 I haven’t been happier since i made that decision the weight lifted of my shoulders was immense 🙂 Yes i still question myself every now and then but then i remember all the lies, drama and stress and i also hear she is still the same so i know i made the right decision!

Another stress in my life believe it or not was facebook! I was obsessed with facebook probably addicted , I was getting stressed daily with silly people, even when it had nothing to do with me i would get stressed as the bitchiness and bullying upset me! Facebook has some good points, you can keep in touch with family and friends, but it also has a dark dirty side 😦 It makes stalking, bullying, scamming so much easier 😦 It makes little girls/boys think they are super and can take on anything when i reality they cant!! People tell so many lies, con people into thinking they are something they are not, they keep secrets from friends family etc it just leads to heartache and drama! Again i decided if i was going to constantly gurn about facebook i had to do something so i did, i deleted my facebook after many years and again im feeling great 🙂 Im not stressing im actually relaxing for a change and enjoying life like i should instead on living online!

Again, being abused for so long as a child makes you realize life is far too short and life is to be enjoyed and thats exactly what im going to do 🙂 And i hope you can too 🙂 Its the least we deserve 🙂 Love Exx

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